How to Correctly Use the Starting Block

Posted on January 2nd, 2010 by admin in Swimmer Tips

How to Correctly Use the Starting Block

If you are a competitive swimmer in the pool or hope to do so, learning to correctly dive off the starting block is something you need to learn and be good at. Having a good start is important to getting good times in your event, but not as important as good swim technique. Watch the best swimmers to see what their techniques are and learn from them.

What is the best method of diving off the block? While standing on the block, place one of your feet at the forward edge with toes over edge, Which foot you like to use is up to you. Place the other foot behind you about a shoulders width distance, face towards the pool.

When you hear” take your mark” lower yourself till your chest is about to your thigh, grab the edge of the block with your hands. Remain still until you hear the next command to go. Also at this point you should be leaning far enough forward that you feel you may fall.

At the start signal, jump forward while at the same time pushing with your legs and your arms. Once in the air move your arms out to your front in a streamlined position. When you enter the water keep you head tucked in and straighten out your body so you do not go deep, you want to keep close to the surface. Immediately start your kick after entering the water.

As important the start is, don’t spend too much time practicing it. You need to work on your swim technique more than learning to dive. Make sure your goggles are on tight so they do not come off when you hit the water, this will mess up your concentration because your goggles will probably be around your face.

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